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Ani Antoine

Thank you so much for exploring Bloom Into Womanhood, a blog and shop meant to bring awareness about pressing public health issues that concern women, children, and families.

My name is Ani, and I am an advocate for women’s and maternal health. I recently completed my bachelor’s degree, and I am currently working on my master’s in public health. I have a passion to serve women, families, and children with a special interest in maternal health disparities concerning communities of color. 

I founded Bloom Into Womanhood to foster a space that allowed for education, community, and creativity surrounding public health and women’s health issues. This desire for both a written and creative platform has blossomed into BLOOM’s unique blog and shop.

Please, take some time to explore the blog, read an interesting anecdote, and learn something new and then head over to the shop to browse our handmade jewelry collection.

Blooming where planted,