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The CEO & Founder: Ani Antoine


Thank you so much for exploring BLOOM Into Womanhood, a blog meant to share my life experiences to INSPIRE other women!

My name is Ani and for the past year, I have wanted to share my experience with faith, adulthood, education, etc. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a womanist, and a woman of color. I am also a graduate student studying public health and I have a passion to serve women, families, and children with a special interest in maternal health. 

For months, I sought out platforms from women of color to seek advice about adulting, education, career, etc. and I have always come up short. I found myself desiring more from my community for better accessible resources to support each other. It is essential for women of color to have a voice to express their unique stories which is why I decided to start writing about my passions, thoughts, and curious wonderings throughout life.

I founded BLOOM Into Womanhood with a mission to express a woman of color's adventures throughout the world with the hope to foster solidarity among ALL woman.

Take some time to explore the blog, read an interesting anecdote, and learn something new! Feel free to reach out for business inquires, questions, or comments.

Stay Blessed!

Blooming where planted, 



Bloom Into Womanhood

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