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Thriving During a Shift

Changes, transition periods, and staying faithful throughout the process.

I have had this blog saved as a draft for months. I've constantly added or deleted words from this post, but it never felt like it was in a stage to be published. It may have taken me months, but I realized I had to be at a certain place in life to write this message. I am so happy to share with you all a piece of my spiritual journey as well as a glimpse into my process of self-discovery in becoming the woman I envision.

How do we recognize moments when we have outgrown our current situations?

How do realize that we are heading into a transition period?

What can we do to prepare and survive the shift altogether?

Life is all about transitions and changes. We are constantly moving and upgrading to the next level of our lives. In preparation for our next season, God calls for each of us to go through periodical shifts. It's in these moments of change that we can discover the power of God.

I started to recognize God's power and the beauty of growth within the last few months. I went through a shift in life at the start of my graduate school experience and had to juggle many new changes. In the beginning, it was overwhelming, but I continued to rely on God throughout the process. During that time, I found my faith, friends, and family as reliable and dependable sources of support.

I also discovered that the many things we might have heard from adults when we were kids were undeniable true once you start to live life and experience things for yourself.

As an emerging adult, I am finally starting to understand all of those sayings in the church that the older folks would mention:

"Ain't God good?"

"Seasons change, but God remains the same"

"He brought me so far, I can't ever thank Him enough"

And the list goes on, but the message remains the same: God always takes care of those who love Him.

One might ask: Why does God allow us to go through moments of difficulty and change?

I would say it's to push us. Many of us get comfortable in the mundane. We get comfortable with people, our current life, and fail to recognize that we aren't growing. We aren't becoming better individuals by sitting in the same constant situations and settling. Comfort can be a wonderful feeling, but it's also an indicator of an impending shift. God seeks to make us uncomfortable so that we are pushed towards our destinies.

Sometimes we outgrow our comfortable spaces, situations, people, environment, etc. It's essential to recognize the moment we've outgrown things and to actively seek God for direction. Having clarity on your situation is one of the most important steps when choosing to make a change. When making the conscious decision to move on from comfort, we have to rely on our faith and trust God as we jump blindly into a new stage in life.

As I have journeyed throughout my shift, I have found 5 things to be true:

  1. God will subtract the people in your life who are not for you and surround you with people who love and care for you.

  2. He will ALWAYS supply your needs.

  3. The future is good for those who love the Lord.

  4. Things had to happen the way they did for you to grow into the individual God has destined you to become.

  5. Your journey is not only for you. Your testimony may be used in a way to help mentor and support another individual in the future.

I stand in amazement of God for all his beautiful works. He has been actively molding and developing me into the beautiful woman I am destined to become. I am learning more about myself and growing deeper in love with the woman I am. I have discovered that there is so much beauty in the process of change and to cherish the growing pains that come with a transition period. I've learned to close the door on old things, so I am actively engaging and being present in the new things God has placed before me.

When I created Bloom Into Womanhood, I knew I wanted this platform to focus on self-development, and over the past couple of months, I've taken a deep dive into Bloom's mission.

I've discovered that there are so many other women who are going through challenges and changes who are doing their best. Women who are remaining positive throughout the process and finding beauty in vulnerability. My time of transition has reignited my passion and my love for Bloom Into Womanhood's virtual space and I've tapped into deeper parts of myself by discovering my own creativity, setting new goals, and reestablishing my independence.

Bloom Into Womanhood is a platform that continues to support self-love and positivity. I hope to encourage other individuals to love themselves above all else.

It is so important to focus on yourself and make yourself a priority. Embrace the changes that come with shifts and rely on God throughout the process.

Blooming Where Planted & Flourishing Beautifully,


The work is inspired by The Shift: Courageously Moving from Season to Season.

I highly recommend this work by Pastor Keion Henderson of The LightHouse Church Houston for anyone going through changes throughout their life.

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